Anglican Church Donates to Flood Victims

Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire supported flood victims of 2015/ 2016 season

Over 1, 500 households were reached with relief materials like Maize, Beans, Salt, Cooking Oil, Blankets, Plastic buckets and plastic sheets.

This is in line with Church vision of supporting people in need regardless of faith, tribe, political or church affiliation

Bishop Malasa Launched the relief item distribution program on 27th February, 2015

Diocese of Upper Shire has also long term programs to support people affected by floods and dry spell through irrigation programs and live stock pass on projects

The Diocesan Relief program was supported by the following partners:  St. Johns Church of Vancouver Canada, Malawi Association of Christian Support (MACS), Diocese of Birmingham, Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD)and other individuals both local and international.