Welcome Remarks From The Bishop of Upper Shire

Welcome to the Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire – Malawi Website. Through this site you will have the opportunity to explore how Jesus Christ Ministry manifests itself in this part of the world. The Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire is part of the Worldwide Anglican Communion in the Church of the Province of Central Africa with a movable Archbishopric and currently the Most Reverend Albert Chama, based in Kitwe Zambia is her Primate and Metropolitan.

The Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire is found in the South and Eastern part of Malawi, also stretching into Dedza East and Ntcheu in the Central Region of Administrative area of Malawi, with Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral – Mpondas as the seat of the Diocesan Bishop. The size of the Diocese is 55304 square kilometres and serving a population about 3.9 million people of Malawi all being pastorally taken care of 56 dedicated Priests with Ten Ordinands currently in Seminary being prepared for full time ordained ministry.

With such vastness of our area and different ministries therein the need of Ordained and Lay Ministers cannot be over emphasized. With our Motto: Come and See taken from John 1:39, 46 (Tiyeni Mukawone in Chichewa and Kwende Akalole in Chiyao) we are motivated to make Christ known amongst ourselves and also amongst the people we serve especially among the Muslims who covers a bigger section of the Diocese.

At its inception and inauguration in 2002 the Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire from the Old Diocese of Southern Malawi, the new Diocese, though carved from an Old Diocese since 1861, when the early missionaries arrived at Magomero, had Four Archdeaconries and 23 Parishes. We now boast of 286 Churches spread across the Seven Archdeaconries in the Diocese.  We are also proud owners of 40 Primary Schools, 4 Boarding Secondary Schools, 12 Day Secondary Schools, 2 Hospitals, 1 College for Nursing and Midwifery, 1 School for the Blind, 1 Lake Shore Cottage, and 1 Ecumenical Training Centre.

We cannot mention about making this Christ known without the able contributions of the Sons and Daughters of the Diocese who manifest and Witness Christ through: Mothers Union, Daughters of the King, St. Monica Guild, Order of St. Agnes, Boys and Girls Brigade, vibrant Youth Groups and recently Fathers Union.

Obviously your prayer support is what makes this work possible. Would you prayerfully consider how God might be calling you to help preserve, enhance and expand our work? We exist only because of God’s providential blessing through the prayers and resources provided by our people within and without. Without your generous support year after year, we simply would cease to operate. We are certain there is no greater gift you can give the Church than a faithful priesthood and a fully equipped laity.

Thank you for your willingness to partner with us.
+Brighton Upper Shire

The Right Reverend Brighton Vita Malasa, OSF
Consecrated and Enthroned


7th day of June, 2009