Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire and Roman catholic Mangochi Diocese announces joint scholarship programme

The Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Mangochi are pleased to announce their joint sponsorship of a new scholarship programme intended to enable gifted young Malawians who would otherwise be unable for financial reasons to attend residential secondary school to pursue their studies on an all expenses paid basis. This was the preable of the press briefing meeting held in Mangochi on the 3rd of July 2017 conducted by the Right Rev’d Brighton Malasa of Upper Shire Diocese and Right Rev’d Montfort Sitima of Mangochi Diocese.

The scholaship programme which is called St. Timothy will offer 40  Scholarships in the coming academic year commencing September 2017,  to attend one of the following residential secondary schools on an all expenses paid basis:

    • St. Michael’s Girls Secondary School in Malindi (Anglican)
    • St. Monica Girls Secondary School in Mangochi (Roman Catholic)
    • Malosa Secondary School in Malosa (Anglican)
    • St. Charles Lwanga Boys Secondary School in Balaka (Roman Catholic)

Half of the scholarships will be awarded to girls and half to boys. The scholarships will cover all direct costs of attending residential secondary school, including tuition fees, accommodation and meals, books and stationery, school uniforms, shoes, athletic wear, schoolbag, toiletries and a travel allowance for travelling home between terms. The scholarships will be renewable annually upon application, subject to satisfactory academic performance.

All applicants must demonstrate financial need, i.e. without financial assistance they would not be able to attend or continue their studies at residential secondary school. Applicants must also demonstrate strong academic potential based on their most recent Progress Report and a letter from their current Head Teacher. The scholarships are open both to students graduating from Primary School and to students already in Secondary School who are entering Forms 2-4. Students from all religious affiliations and racial backgrounds are eligible to apply.

The application deadline is 31 July 2017 and the scholarship winners will be announced on or shortly after 15 August 2017. Further details and application forms are available from Parish Priests and Head Teachers in the sponsoring Dioceses and from the Education Secretaries

The programme has been conceived as a direct response to the Common Declaration issued by His Holiness Pope Francis and His Grace Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, in Rome on 5 October 2016, in which the leaders of the Roman Catholic Church and the worldwide Anglican Communion jointly declared:

“… The world must see us [Anglicans and Catholics] witnessing to this common faith in Jesus by acting together. … Our Christian faith leads us to recognise the inestimable worth of every human life, and to honour it in acts of mercy by bringing education, healthcare, food, clean water and shelter and always seeking to resolve conflict and build peace.…

… For this reason we take great encouragement from the meeting during these days of so many Catholic and Anglican bishops of the International Anglican-Roman Catholic Commission for Unity and Mission (IARCCUM) who, on the basis of all that they have in common … are eager to go forward in collaborative mission and witness to the “ends of the earth”. Today we rejoice to commission them and send them forth in pairs as the Lord sent out the seventy-two disciples. Let their ecumenical mission to those on the margins of society be a witness to all of us, and let the message go out from this holy place, as the Good News was sent out so many centuries ago, that Catholics and Anglicans will work together to give voice to our common faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, to bring relief to the suffering, to bring peace where there is conflict, to bring dignity where it is denied and trampled upon.…” (Common Declaration of His Holiness Pope Francis and His Grace Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury – Rome, 5 October 2016)