Hundreds of women from the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Upper Shire, on Saturday the 12th of August, 2017 live whatever they were doing and swept the streets of Zomba city clean in a move of supporting the Government of Malawi by taking care of the cities and also teaching people that they have the responsibility of taking care of their surroundings.

Bishop Malasa and Canon Makupe matching for the task


Hon. Henry Mussa MP. taking it low

Joined by the Bishiop of the Diocese Bishop Brighton Malasa and Hon. Henry Mussa MP.  The grouping walked all the way from Zomba Anglican Church into the main city to do this noble task.  This was part of the official opening on of the mothers unions annul conference which started on Friday and expected to end on Sunday.

During the speeches, all people agreed and shared the sentiments that cleaning the city is not only the responsibility of the city council but also rather the people who reside within the city. It is they fore our humble honor to let the world know that we can. They Said.