Bishop Malasa ask christians to be one

Bishop Brighton Vita Malasa of the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Upper Shire, called upon all people regardless of their tradition, race or whatever, they should be one and united.

The Bishop said that we as the members of the Anglican church we should be one and united. he further called upon all people to go every where and do good things as a good samaritan did. Go and do Like wise.

Bishop Brigthon Malasa officially launching the Diocesan Strategic plan during the offical oepning of the Synod


This was on friday, the 17th August, 2017 during the offical opening of the Diocesan Holy Synod at the Church of Ascension, Likwenu parish.

Planting a Synod tree

After the Charge, the Bishop planted a tree of Synod to act as a symbol of life and that he urged all people to plant trees and take care of them as God commanded all of us that we should take care of the Earth.