Education Services

Education department in the Diocese of Upper Shire is also a vibrant department which started way back with the early missionaries in the 1860s when they brought into Malawi then Nyasaland the three fold ministries of proclamation of the Gospel, health services and Education services. Since then the services have been growing by days and to date the Anglican Diocese of upper shire boost of having two national secondary schools, 14 day secondary schools and 39 primary schools that offer social services to people.

Malosa Secondary School

Background Information

Malosa Anglican Secondary School is a Grant Aided Mission National Secondary School based at Malosa in Zomba, Malawi, 25km north from Zomba City, 2km off the Zomba Liwonde Road. Malosa Anglican Secondary School, a co-education school, was established in 1928 initially as a Junior Primary School and later it became a National Secondary School.

Our Mandate

As a Grant Aided Mission National Secondary School, Malosa Anglican Secondary School is mandated to accomplish one of the objectives of the Anglican Church in Malawi through the Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire, which is to offer quality Secondary Education to the people of Malawi as a continuation of one of the works of Jesus Christ who was also a teacher.

Our Vision

Malosa Anglican Secondary School’s vision is to be a leading institution in the provision of First Class Secondary Education in Malawi.

Our Mission

Malosa Anglican Secondary School aims at offering service to others” as written in 1 Peter 4 v10-11

Grading System and Academic Performance

Malosa Anglican Secondary School is one of the best schools in Malawi in as far as academic performance is concerned. The school scores 100% pass rate at Junior Certificate Examinations (JCE) and above 90% at Malawi School Certificate of Education Examination (MSCE). Thousands of people have gone to various universities from Malosa. In the recent University Selection, the school has sent 52 students to various Public Universities in Malawi. Some students are also awarded scholarships to study abroad. We have Malosa students currently studying in India, Turkey, and USA among others. Thousands of influential people in national development are also fruits of Malosa.

We are proud of being the best Co-education Secondary School in Malawi. Challenges in educating boys and girls together need not to be overemphasised.

We are also proud of being one of the Secondary Schools which aims at letting its students acquire full knowledge from their teachers as expected from them and not only aiming at drilling the students to pass national examinations.  One good evidence is that over the years none of the Malosa Students had ever been weeded at the University.

St. Michaels Girls secondary school

St. Michael’s Girls’ Secondary School (SMGSS) inherited the magnificent quadrangle of buildings of St. Michael’s College (SMC). Without the history of St. Michael’s College, that of the secondary school is incomplete. The history of St. Michael’s College illustrates the tremendous contribution the college made to the Church in Africa and to the education in Nyasaland (Malawi).

St. Michael’s Girls’ Secondary School is a grant- aided national, boarding secondary school, under Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire. The proprietor is the Lord Bishop of Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire. It caters for all girls in Malawi and selected on merit.

The school has Board of Governors which runs the affairs of the school, in which the PTA chairperson is the member. Currently, the chairperson of the Board is Fr. Hopeson Jailosi.

Our Vision

The school’s vision is in line with Ministry’s vision: to be a catalyst for socio-economical development and industrial growth.

Our Mission Statement

St. Michael’s Girls’ Secondary School is committed to impart knowledge and skills, values and attitudes which will sufficiently equip the students at the completion of their secondary course to serve and contribute to the economic, social and spiritual development of Malawi.

Our Motto

“Tizikhala Atumiki” “we must be servants”

Day Secondary Schools

On top of the two national boarding secondary schools, the Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire also owns 14 days secondary school commonly known as Community Day Secondary Schools (CDSS) and these are:  Matope CDSS in  Neno, M’mangas and Namalomba CDSS in Balaka, Likwenu CDSS in Machinga and Changali, Nansenga, Mponda’s, Nkope-Hill, Monkey-Bay, Masuku, St Martin’s Malindi and Mtonda CDSS in Mangochi

Primary schools

The Anglican Diocese of Upper  Shire runs the following primary schools: Mpilisi, Nambira, Mmanga, Chimera, Namalomba, St Andrew’s, St Catherine – Matengwe primary schools in Balaka,   Mchilima, Msalabani, Likwenu, Gawanani, St Peter’s – Chikomoni primary schools in Machinga ,  St. John’s primary school in mwanza,  Changali, Mpinganjira, Mponda’s, Msusa, Samama, Mtonda, Ulande, Nkope-Hill, Nkhudzi-Bay, Monkey-Bay, Malindi, Mtengeza, Miwawe, Kadango – Milimbo, Chimbiya, Mchokola, Chingwenya, Masuku and Msusa primary schools and Nkope school for the blind in Mangochi, Kasenjere and Matope primary schools in Neno,  Bishop Mackenzie – Magomero, Masala, Chilipa and Mkanda primary schools in Zomba district.