PADEP Projects

Samama Community Integrated Project (SCIP)

This is a four year project aimed at addressing people’s need to improve household income. There are four main focus areas we are doing to address this need.

  1. Livelihood activities
  2. Girls child education
  3. Climate change interventions
  4. Health and sanitation

The project is being implemented in Mangochi district  in the area of TA Mponda

NetsForLife Malaria Project

This project was established in 2007 and is aimed at reducing deaths related to malaria among under five children and pregnant women. The program interventions include:

  1. Nets distribution exercise
  2. Raising awareness of malarias a disease in terms of transmission, prevention care and management.
  3. Capacity building of community based health workers, religious leaders and local community in issues of Malaria
  4. Enhanced research and monitoring of malaria and its related activities.

The project is being implemented in the area of TA Mbiza (Sub) in Zomba and TA Symon in Neno

HIV and AIDS program

This project has been running since 2007 and is aimed at mitigating the impact of HIV and AIDS in communities. This is church based project and does the following:

  1. Training Church/community based home based care groups and supply them with drug kit to attend to palliative care patients
  2. Training youths as peer educators
  3. Raising awareness on issues to do with HIV
  4. Advocacy

Love Malawi Plant A Tree Initiative

This is a five years project started in 2014 with the aim of addressing effects of climate change. The project is implementing the following strategies

  1. Annual tree planting exercise and monitoring of the trees.
  2. Raising awareness on the effects of climate change and the importance of taking care of trees
  3. Community empowerment through forest base enterprises
  4. Capacity building of communities to manage their forests.

Malindi Rural Development centre

This is a vocation and skills development centre mostly targeting youths. Currently we have three main areas in which youths are being trained and these are

  1. Carpentry and joinery
  2. Welding and fabrications
  3. Tailoring and design