Pastoral Services

The Diocese of Upper Shire has seven (7) Archdeaconries with thirty four (34) Parishes. Each parish contains between four (4) and twelve (12) congregations (an average of Six (6) per parish), giving a total of over 200 congregations across the diocese – representing over 55,000 people attending church. These congregations are serviced by about forty (40) clergy. Apart from them there are also about nine (9) retired clergy and those holding general licences also available to serve.

Church Services

Our Church Services are mainly two the English Service and Chichewa/ Yao service, however not all the parishes are doing the two services because of the set up of the parishes since over two thirds of the parishes are located in rural areas where English Service is not a necessity. Apart from the Sunday services our parishes are also expected to conduct Martins prayers every morning and Even song prayers very night.

Special Days

As the Church we also commemorate special days in honour of different saints and over events, the major ones may include, New years day, Epiphany, Ash Wednesday, Lenten season, Good Friday, Easter, Ascension Day, Mary’s Day, SS peter and Paul’s day, St. Michael and all angels, UMCA day, All souls day, all saints day, Christmas Day, among others.